Process Capabilities


Process Capabilities

  • Depth control tolerance of downset within 5 micron (0.005mm)‏
  • Material used: Special alloy steel stress relieve & hardened to 58 – 60 HRC
  • Fine Sandblasting & Treatment processes ( Eg. Black Chrome, Diamond Coating, Flash Chrome, Electroless Nickel, Anodising etc.)
  • Milling control: 10 micron (0.010mm)
  • Grinding control: 1 micron (0.001mm)

Manufacturing Capabilities

Mica Technology specializes in fabrication of clamp inserts for different semiconductor device/lead frame configuration. Each clamp insert may be used to wire bond different semiconductor devices. This helps to minimize the number of required inserts in a wire bonding operation. Each clamp insert typically accommodate a variety of package types or sizes. The clamp inserts can be easily installed and removed for wire bonding different packages with the same insert carrier.

If you would like to request for us to fabricate the wire bond clamp, kindly provide the following information: no of windows (single column or maximize bond range), complete set, component order top plate, component order heater plate, N2, Blackening and Hardening requirement. There are several modes of surface treatments available for your selection. Surface hardness ranging approximately from HRC60 to 90 can significantly reduce wear and tear and prolong the life span of the window clamp and heater block. This will also improve the quality of wire bonding.

The order comes with heating block, which is configured to simultaneously heat the paddle contact areas of both lead frame “frames”.

Die Attach / Bonding
When it comes to die attach capabilities critical for hybrid microelectronics, the key to success is flexibility. All die attach machines consist of five major subsystems. These include: pick-and-place, component presentation, substrate handling, vision, and epoxy dispensing. Various tools are required to achieve these objectives. A specific tooling set is needed for each die assembly. Contact us for your customized solution needs.

Customised Jigs & Fixtures
Jigs and Fixtures are often used in the semi-conductor industry to enable a variety of parts to be made to correct specifications. These devices help reduce the cost of production while maintaining consistent quality and maximizing efficiency. Some examples of common fixtures include lathe fixtures, milling fixtures and grinding fixtures. At Mica Technology, we design and fabricate customised jigs and fixtures to suit our customers’ requirements.

ISO Certification

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, our plant in Suzhou, China have been approved for the production and processing of semiconductor special materials and precision mechanical parts. We offer our clients the assurance that we will not just meet but will exceed their needs when delivering our products and services.

For Down-holder Sets

Design : 180 – 200 new design monthly
Fabrication : 400 – 600 down-holder sets monthly
Lead-time : 5-7 working days

For Die-Attached Tooling

Design : 200 – 300 new design monthly
Fabrication : 600 – 800 nozzles, pick-up tools
Lead-time : 5 – 7 working days
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